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My Story

I had a dream. I searched and re-searched for over 4 years on how to make the perfect, long burning, long lasting scent throwing candle that I could produce, stay with me here ;-). And after 4 years of trial and error and testing, testing and more testing of many products from around the world I opened my very own very successful candle business. 

We offered parties of all types and fundraisers for over 6 years. Then my dream came to a halt when I was diagnosed with Graves’s disease and had to undergo major surgery which prevented me from making candles. Once I realized I wasn’t going to be able to make the perfect candle any longer I began my search for the perfect company that could offer my customers the same quality that I had offered them for many years. I searched for 2 ½ years, buying, burning, melting and testing and just couldn’t find the company that I felt my customers deserved………until I found SCENTSY! 

I knew this was the company that I could not let pass me by. Within days I had my starter kit and I was on the phone with my customers and believe me they were just as excited as I was ;-) The only regrets I have is that I didn’t find Scentsy sooner.

Once again I have my dream job back! If you are a past customer of mine and are reading this story believe me when I say BUY SCENTSY you won’t be sorry and if you are new to SCENTSY don’t wait another minute to get these great products and start using them they are the best on the market, I know, I’ve tested them all. So don’t waste your money any longer. We all want our money’s worth and with SCENTSY you get it, great long lasting smells and beautiful warmers and many other amazing products that anyone would be proud to display in their homes.

If you are looking for a fun, easy way to make some extra money I would like to offer the Scentsy Opportunity to you. The Scentsy opportunity as well as the Scentsy Family has changed my families life forever.

 1/3/20, I've been with Scentsy for 10 years and I have met the BEST friends ever, Leroy & I have traveled for free to places we only thought about, and I have gotten opportunities to do things I'd always dreamed of doing. When someone tells you Scentsy is so much more than wax & warmers believe them.
Till we talk.............Ronda